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UC Berkeley Journalism – Events – Beyond Organic: The Story of Polyface Farm Click that link to watch a great video seminar by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm (you won’t be sorry). Advertisements

the death of sin Originally uploaded by D.G.Flickr Click the photo to go to DG’s Flickr set of Via Crucis :: Immersion 2008 photos. He has a great eye and sense of color. I think he captured the tone of the experience well.  Plus he played with some cool new featues on his camera, so […]


I can’t get the video to embed, but here’s a link – This is a very interesting video about Crossroads, our local mega-church. There’s a ton that you could exegete from this video…. lots of unpacking.  Like the couple (?) interviewed evaluating the veracity and legitimacy of Crossroads by “attendance”.  Is there a self-understanding […]