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Three particular items stood out to me from Friday’s class discussion.  First, the significant change from “church” as People of God to “church” as happening when Bishop is present.  I have to say I’m still a bit befuddled by this.  I can appreciate the need for increased organization and, even, some moderate buearcracy (hard to […]

I suppose with a title like that you’d assume this was some profound spiritual or theological pondering on the meaning of the incarnation and God’s missional call to incarnate in our contexts and locale. Nope. I can’t sleep.  It is 3:46 AM.  I think it is a combination of acid reflux and Christmas excitement.  And […]

The Bish


I met the new Bishop of The Kentucky Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church today at a clergy pow-wow. Lindsey Davis is his name.  Here are some notes from the gathering: Pastoral Effectiveness evaluated by: – number of professions of faith (making disciples) – worship attendance increase Expectations – Godly character – To be […]

New Beginnings


Yes, I really do blog.  Life has been overfull of late (as evidenced by the mound of dirty dishes on the counter…. umm, maybe they’ll get washed tomorrow).  I really like keeping a clean and organized house, but with small children I find it increasingly difficult, if not approaching impossible!  So needless to say I […]

I went up to Columbus tonight and met with the Church Multiplication Team for the Lake Erie Classis of the RCA.  Good times, good food, good new comrades in the Kingdom. Our car (the one with the working headlights) doesn’t have a working radio and we seem to have lost our cell phone.  So…. it […]

In a couple of weeks Sarah, the young-uns, and I head north for Thrive! – the RCA Church Planting conference.  I’m getting very excited!!  I received our books today – Missional Church Planting by Stetzer, Church Planting Landmines by _____, and Next Generation Leader by Stanley. One of our tasks was to write up a […]

theVoiz Blog: Gritty thoughts by Aaron Flores on Life, Spirituality & Faith: The New Big. Small’s In. “But I wondered what if churches redefined what it meant to be big. The New Big would purposefully remain smaller, need to sustain very little organizationally, and automate everything else so it could be free to live out […]