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I’m fascinated by the idea of “holiness” that seems to have arisen (at least in our conversations) during the Reformation with Luther and Calvin and later taken up (perhaps to a fever pitch) with Wesley and his ilk.  Does the idea of “holiness” have a distinctive Reformation/Renaissance ring to it?  I’m certain that generations of […]

One of the perplexing instances of the Reformation is the retrieval of the “Priesthood of All Believers” doctrine that Luther tied so much to the strong criticism of Roman Catholicism.  Certainly, his was a step away from the doctrine of ontological change within the clergy class, but by maintaining a clergy class the ontological change […]

As we talked about the changes and developments from Jesus and the Kingdom of God through the Early Church into the Pre-Constantinian Church (AD 100-300), I am struck by the obvious increasingly formalization and the devolution of leadership.  I understand that increasing complexity and diversity necessitated the need for more organization, but I can’t help […]

What strikes me most about our discussion of the shape of the communities that are the early church was their dynamism and fluidity. While they were becoming more structured and differentiated than they were as original bands of Jesus-followers in Palestine, there was still a “wild west” vibe about these early house churches. At the […]

In this second day of class we dove into the church worksheet, which I find very helpful as a schema to look at church and its accumulated trappings.  Thinking of Jesus and the Kingdom of God in this context was particularly illuminating.  Specifically, viewing Jesus as being counter-cultural and redefining “family”, in some cases scandalously […]

Glasser, Arthur with C. Van Engen, D. Gilliland, and S. Redford, eds.  Announcing the Kingdom: The Story of God’s Mission in the Bible (Grand Rapids: Baker Books, 2003) The scope and drive of Arthur Glasser’s Announcing the Kingdom is the primacy and unity of “God’s purpose and action in mission in human history” (17).  Both […]

Pasadena Star-News – Seminary to expand Good article on Fuller.  As a former resident of Pasadena and current (sorta, 5 classes left) student of said seminary, I loved that Fuller was located in SoCal, Pasadena specifically.  Wonderfully diverse neighborhoods, easy walking to and fro campus (and theatres and coffeeshops and shopping and friends and …..).